Threads instead of leaves

Posted by Giedra, 16 May, 4:12 pm

Alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus) is a rather undistinguished small tree or shrub. It is very common in our woods and fields, and normally one would not even consider planting it in the garden.  However, its ornamental form `Asplenifolia` is fit even for the most discerning gardener. It is an airy, compact shrub, 2m tall and [...]

A knee-high birch

Posted by Giedra, 10 April, 9:16 am

Silver birch (Betula pendula) `Trost`s Dwarf` attains 1,5 m height and similar width only when fully mature, within several years from planting. Its growth rate is exceptionally slow. It eventually forms a shrub or a  multistemmed tree. Tiny leaves are deeply incised and remind of the foliage of Japanese acers (A. palmatum dissectum), while its [...]

Fragrant tots

Posted by Giedra, 13 March, 4:18 pm

During last few years the butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) has become very popular in Lithuania. Although they are not fully hardy here, and in cold and severe winters sometimes die, large fragrant inflorescences and profuse flowering compensate for all shortcomings. Butterfly bushes flower in waves, from July to late autumn, and their flower heads smell [...]

The smallest of the small – `Silverstone`

Posted by Giedra, 2 February, 3:24 pm

Fortune’s spindles (Euonymus fortunei) are quite popular in Lithuania, and there are plenty of these semievergreen, ground-hugging colorful shrubs in our gardens. However, one of the new introductions really makes us to lean in and have a better look – is it really a spindle, or maybe it is a moss? `Silverstone` is a very [...]

`Canadice` – the pick of the bunch

Posted by Giedra, 20 December, 3:25 pm

From the seven grape vines varieties that I grow `Canadice` is the one, which really stands out. Firstly, it is very suitable for vertical gardening – this is a very fast-growing and completely cold-hardy vine. Secondly, the grapes are seedless. They are small, yellowish red when ripe (bright red, if autumn has been long and [...]

Pineapple guava – the taste sensation

Posted by Giedra, 3 November, 10:41 am

Pineapple guava (also known as feijoa) is a compact tree, reaching 2-4 m in height, with irregular crown. Its bark is light green, leaves are ovoid, dark green and glossy above, and silvery on reverse. It flowers on the current year’s growth. Flowers are very beautiful, with fleshy red and white petals and long red [...]

Overwintering lewisias under pots

Posted by Giedra, 3 October, 9:11 pm

Lewisias (Lewisia) of various species interbreed easily. This accounts for the multitude of magnificent hybrids, which have become so popular in the gardens all over the world. Their flowers come in a range of rainbow colours, decorated with brushstrokes of different hues or brightly outlined veins. The most popular lewisias are those with blooms of [...]


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